Welcome to relax at Sauna after an adventure in Teijo National Park

Sauna has always been a part of life in Finland. Mental and physical concerns and ailments has been treated in Sauna. In the past Finnish mothers mostly gave birth to their little ones there. The ancient Finns believed in a Sauna elf, who maintained the healing power in the sauna and protected the bathers from evil forces. Sauna is a holy place in Finland. No noise or quarrel is allowed because the Sauna elf may get angry and damage the sauna or the bathers.

The Sauna elf at Teijo village has been rumored to have acted soon after the death of Robert Bremer who was the cartridge of the manor. The cartridge had a trusty servant called Willem, who was a bit odd. After the death of Robert Bremer, Willem disappeared mysteriously. When unexplained events began to appear in the manor’s Sauna, Willem was thought to have become a Sauna elf.

Teijo village Sauna is over one hundred years old. Here you can really sense this past-era spirit. Hot steam from a large stove gives you a pleasant feeling. The water flowing from the nearby Lake Sahajärvi to the pond refreshes and helps circulatory. Even in a cold winter day, an unforgettable experience of hot and cold interaction is given to your body.

Before bathing we recommend a visit to the Teijo National Park, where you can see almost all of Finland’s natural habitat types. Forests, lakes, sea – plants, trees and shrubs – animals, organisms, mushrooms and lichens. After a real adventure, the mind and body will enjoy a thorough relaxation at Teijo’s village sauna. Maybe elf Willem wakes up in the darkness of the Sauna!

We do our best to maintain here the traditional Sauna spirit. In addition to public Saunas, our Sauna can also be booked for private occasions. As far as possible we also try to respond to the special requests of sauna users.

The sauna is open:

  • on Wednesdays for both women and men in the bathing suits from 16 to 19
  • on Fridays from 17 to 19 for women and from 19 to 21 for men.
  • on Sundays for both women and men in the bathing suits from 17 to 20

In the autumn, winter and spring (from September to May) the sauna is open also on Sundays from 17 to 20 for both women and men in the bathing suits.

The sauna fee for adults is 6 euros, for children and pensioners 4 euros. The sauna is always paid with a ticket, which you can buy individually or in a serial ticket from Teijo’s village store.

We wish you – all friends of Finnish sauna – welcome and experience warm baths at Teijo!